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Mesa Pool Service from Doctor Pool!

We specialize in keeping pools maintained and clean. From big to small, simple to complex, we handle them all. With regular pool services starting at only $55 per month.

There’s no reason you should be bothered with constantly measuring levels, buying and adding chemicals and performing all the other checks and maintenance your pool requires. It’s about time that you just relax and enjoy your pool – we’ll take care of the rest.

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Swimming Pool Service & Maintenance

Something not working right? We can find out why and explain your options to get it resolved. In our 25 years we have seen thousands of different pools and almost every configuration possible .

We use that experience to help you choose the best parts, supplies and services your pool needs at an affordable price. Our technicians can quickly carry out any needed repairs and get your pool back in full operation.

mesa pool maintenance

Swimming Pool Repair & Chemicals

Our technical experts can quickly heal your sick pool and then keep it healthy year round.

Doctor Pool has over 25 years of experience delivering quality service, supplies and repairs.

Our technicians provide quick, honest answers to your questions and fast professional ongoing pool services.

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Doctor Pool offers a complete line of swimming pool products & services:

pool steps ladders rails

inground pool pumps

pool heat pumps

inground pool sand filters

inground pool de filters

inground pool cartridge

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