Arizona Glass Bead Blasting Services

Pool tile bead blasting is a process by which we use state-of-the-art equipment to remove calcium build-up and stains from your swimming pool tile, Pebble Tech, rock, stone and more!

What kind of beads do you use for pool tile bead blasting?

We use glass beads to remove calcium and mineral build-up, hard water stains and chemical residue from your pool tiles.

Why do you use glass beads for pool tile cleaning?

Glass beads are environmentally friendly and will not damage your swimming pool tile during the cleaning process. The beads are manufactured from silica- and lead-free glass and are round in shape. Because of their spherical shape, the beads are able to hit the tile surface without scratching or damaging it. Glass beads provide the best pool tile cleaning results. They are more effective and safer than harsh chemicals, and will save you time and money over pumice stones.

Do you clean other types of surfaces besides pool tile?

Yes! We provide bead blasting services for Pebble Tech, natural and artificial rock, flagstone, brick and more!

Won’t the glass beads make a mess in my swimming pool?

No. Glass beads will sink to the bottom of your pool during the pool bead blasting process. Once we’re finished blasting, we use a portable suction device to vacuum the beads out of your pool. We do not leave the glass beads in your pool because they may clog your existing filtration system. With our pool tile bead blasting method, there’s no mess!